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SECUR-PAK™ proudly introduces the SECUR-ID™ Patient’s Valuable Property Bag

In the normal course of emergency medical services, the ambulance transport of a critically ill, severely injured or unconscious patient can be a very hectic situation. With the ambulance crew concentrating on medical care and rapid transport, often there is not enough time for full attention to the patient’s valuables (wallet, watch, jewelry, glasses, meds, clothing, etc.). The patient is delivered to the hospital, often with the valuables handed to someone in ED Admissions or just left with the patient who might not be able to properly protect the items.

A day or two after the patient is delivered to the hospital a not uncommon event is a call to the ambulance company from the medical facility or patient’s family member reporting a “missing” valuable. Supervisors at the ambulance company dig through run records and call the attendants who transported the patient. In a few cases, the item is found and delivered to the patient. But it is much more common that after a lot of valuable time and labor costs are expended, the article(s) are not found.

Then the ugly question rises up, usually unspoken: “Who stole the item?” The folks in the hospital ED – who also have spent a number of hours looking for the article – say, in effect, “Maybe the item never got here, so it must be with the ambulance or…(unsaid) maybe someone stole it.”

But unfortunately too many times the blame for the missing items is placed on the ambulance attendants who are totally innocent. They just could not prove that they delivered the patient and the valuable property.

Thanks to SECUR-PAK™ now they can:

The SECUR-ID™ Patient’s Valuable Property Bag (PVP Bag) is used in ambulance runs where a severely ill, injured and/or unconscious patient is being transported to a medical facility. The goal is to reduce the time needed to take care of – or go looking for – patient valuables and to provide an organized and documented tracking system.

How it works:
  1. The ambulance attendant writes the patient’s name (or run record # if name unknown), the date, and the time in specific places on the bag and uses a checklist to note the valuables being put into the bag.

  2. The attendant loads the patient’s valuable property into the bag. Pulling the SECURTAPE seals the bag, creating a tamper evident container.
  3. Then the attendant then removes the wearable receipt and places it over the patient’s wrist (or ankle if needed). On arrival at the medical facility, the attendant has someone at the receiving facility sign the second tear away receipt that will serve as the ambulance company’s copy. The third tear away receipt is signed by the attendant and attached to the patient’s admissions records.

The heart of the SECUR-ID™ security system is the patented SECUR-PAK™ Tamper Evident closure system. Available exclusively on SECUR-PAK™ bags, the SECURTAPE™ closure is impervious to all temperature controlling agents. Any attempt to open the bag will leave instantly visible signs: the word “VOID” will appear when a cooling agent is used, while heating the seal will cause the word “TAMPERED” to appear.

Features of the SECUR-ID™ PVP system:

  • The SECUR-ID™ PVP system is available in two convenient sizes:
    Small – (PVP1216) For watches, wallets, jewelry, cell phone, glasses, etc.
    Large – (PVP2224) For coats, other clothing, large purses, backpacks, etc.

  • The attendant decides which size bag to use. The smaller bag is meant for small valuables such as jewelry, wallets, cell phones, pagers etc. The attendant might also use the larger bag which is meant for clothing, large purses, back packs, etc. In some cases, both bags will be used.

  • The top of each SECUR-ID™ PVP Bag (patents pending) has 3 unique, tear away receipts, with preprinted alphanumeric combination ID system (also in bar code). Each of these receipts fills a special function:

    -The first tear away receipt has an opening so it can be placed over the patient’s wrist or ankle. There are perforations at each side of the opening to allow for larger hands or feet. When the hospital admits the patient, the number of the wearable receipt can be added to the patient’s records.

    -The second tear away receipt has spaces for the ambulance attendant to write his/her name, the date and time of the delivery of the sealed bag. This confirms that the sealed bag of property was delivered. This receipt is stapled to the Admission Records.

    -The third tear away receipt has spaces for person at the hospital who received the sealed bag to write his/her name, the date and time. This confirms that the hospital received the sealed bag. This receipt is stapled to the ambulance records of this run.

The SECUR-ID™ PVP system is a revolutionary patient property management system created for the EMS/rapid response industry, no other system can provide the same level of security.

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